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From the HeyDublin.ie go-to-guide: 9 Best Psychotherapy Services Dublin 2024

“Our Unvarnished Impressions of CBT and Feeling Good (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Dublin:

From the moment I stepped into CBT and Feeling Good, it was apparent that Veronica is passionate about her profession. Her infectious energy combined with a truly caring nature immediately put me at ease, allowing us to dive straight into my therapy sessions. I cannot speak highly enough of her expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – she knows exactly what questions to ask, when prompts are needed and how to tailor each session towards achieving optimum results.

Experiencing anxiety can make life feel like such a struggle sometimes but since visiting CBT and Feeling Good, my outlook on life has changed significantly for the better! By focusing on changing negative thinking patterns that were previously holding me back, I found myself feeling significantly more confident day-to-day.

Overall, This business provided exceptional service from start to finish as well as having affordable fees!. Whether you have been battling anxieties or depressions for years or months only- don’t hesitate- go see Veronica without any delay. I guarantee you will not regret taking this brave step forward toward mental well-being because she truly gave me new lease of life.!”

HeyDublin.ie go-to-guide: 'Best Psychotherapy in Dublin 2024' #6

One to One CBT review examples

Veronica!! I just wanted to update you on my progress since our session in Camden street almost 2 weeks ago. I cannot believe the change in my thinking around public speaking. A few days after our session I delivered the calmest presentation of my life to a major client and actually enjoyed it. This from a person with a full on phobia. As it turned out, I had to give another 2 presentations this week to the business and while I did have to consciously manage myself, I did just fine. I’m loving The Chimp Paradox – my only concern is that I’m nearly finished reading it. Please send me more suggestions. I am utterly converted for life to CBT! I’d have spent the rest of my life in a tiny box, afraid to play big and fulfill my potential if I hadn’t been introduced to CBT. I cannot thank you enough or overstate how important the work you do is. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again for top ups in other areas of my life. Thank you!!!

Private one to one client

Hi Veronica

Hope life is peachy for you.

Since you’re so wonderful at what you do, I wanted to send you a testimonial to use on your site if you like. And it only took me three months to sit down and do it, fair play to me.

“Veronica is wonderful at what she does – I still can’t believe that in three short hours, the techniques she showed me changed my life completely. I went to Veronica suffering from crippling anxiety which had basically taken over my life and prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do. She was easy to talk to and made me feel understood. She gave me some coping techniques and challenged me to question my way of thinking. The results were instant. Before CBT, I really thought I was beyond help, and that life would be terrible forever. Now I feel like I can deal with anything. If you’re anything like I was, I would strongly recommend going to Veronica and seeing for yourself the profound changes CBT can make to your head and your life.”

That’s it! Thanks again Veronica, I’m a new woman – but still entirely mad, of course.
Live long and prosper.

Private one to one client

Hi Veronica

I thought I would just drop you a note to say thank you for your advice and the work book you sent last week.
On Monday I stood up in front of 20 people and delivered a 70 slide presentation with very few nerves and the feeling of absolute control of the crowd “I loved it”.
I honestly feel I have replaced my bad experience of presenting with positive thoughts and enjoyment, with the simple thought sheet in the back of the work book.
So once again thank you for showing me the power of CBT
Many thanks.
Private one to one client

“I highly recommend Veronica’s CBT program. I initially went as I was finding it difficult to deal with the pressures and worries caused by infertility and IVF. I discovered a philosophy and techniques that I can use in every aspect of my life and work. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and no matter what life throws at me, I have the tools to deal with it!”

Private one to one client

“I actually still can’t believe that after only one afternoon I can now give presentations in work without falling apart. I still don’t like it, but I can do it and I can do it well – Veronica is a legend!”

Private one to one client

“Dear Veronica – I went to see you in December and have been meaning to get back to you to say thank you. I really got so much out of the afternoon and my back pain is dramatically less as a result of the session. I just ‘dial it down’ now instead of up and it’s just amazing what one line can do. So thank you – it was just what I needed. Kind regards [private client].”

Private one to one client

“I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch in a while.  I just wanted to let you know that your sessions with me made a really big difference to my particular issue!  I’m almost completely free of the dread of flying – the anticipatory element in the lead up to flying – and the flight itself was fine.

I’m flying next week and I’m not at all worried about it and in fact even looking forward to the destination. I’ve more flights then to [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] in May and June.

I’d have been dreading that and seeing mid June as the ‘watershed’ when I’d my flying ‘done’ and I could get back to ‘life’!  Now I’m actually looking forward to the destinations and am even able to google about them – I couldn’t even bring myself to do this before because of the dread.

I’m doing the exercises that you gave me and I’ve taken to visualising my Amygdyla (if that’s how it is spelled!)

Anyhow – I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you and to say how skillful you are at communicating all that you do and in putting me in a space where I could listen and also be heard by you.  I’m really indebted to you.

So – anyhow – I’m going to keep working on it and hope that I keep improving.”

Private one to one client

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