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A one-to-one introduction to CBT

Try an engaging one hour therapy session that will begin the journey of building easy-to-understand practical Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills – so that you can ‘Think Different and Feel Different and Behave Different’. Change your mind, change your mood…

The goal of a series of CBT sessions – what you’ll get…
  • You will be guided and supported in building a toolbox of easy to understand CBT skills and techniques to manage stress. (Through discussion and homework, in-person or online).

  • You will be introduced to classic CBT journalling to identify and reframe bad thinking habits.

  • You will learn to apply alternative healthy mindset approaches to stressors.

  • You will learn emotional and body regulation.

  • You will learn to understand and change self sabotaging behavioural patterns.

  • Includes easy to use CBT handouts and worksheets (my CBT resources site is regularly ranked in the ‘Top 10 CBT Blogs in the World’, and is used by mental health professionals internationally). Don’t like the idea of ‘homework’? Don’t worry, we’ll do it in session.

  • The first session is €60, follow up sessions are a standard rate of €75. You decide to come back if you’re getting a good outcome.

Are you unhappy with the way you think and feel and behave sometimes? When stress becomes a disorder, it changes how a person thinks and feels and behaves in a negative way, and many people don’t realise what is happening.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions may be the solution for you. I ‘simplify’ CBT, with low intensity sessions in a lovely one to one setting – working with you to build life changing skills that will stay with you forever, in an organic flexible way that is tailored specifically to you.

Check out this recent review…

Assessed by the HeyDublin Go-to-Guide as among the top psychotherapy services in Dublin:

“Our Unvarnished Impressions of CBT and Feeling Good (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Dublin: From the moment I stepped into CBT and Feeling Good, it was apparent that Veronica is passionate about her profession. Her infectious energy combined with a truly caring nature immediately put me at ease, allowing us to dive straight into my therapy sessions. I cannot speak highly enough of her expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – she knows exactly what questions to ask, when prompts are needed and how to tailor each session towards achieving optimum results.

Experiencing anxiety can make life feel like such a struggle sometimes but since visiting CBT and Feeling Good, my outlook on life has changed significantly for the better! By focusing on changing negative thinking patterns that were previously holding me back, I found myself feeling significantly more confident day-to-day.

Overall, This business provided exceptional service from start to finish as well as having affordable fees!. Whether you have been battling anxieties or depressions for years or months only- don’t hesitate- go see Veronica without any delay. I guarantee you will not regret taking this brave step forward toward mental well-being because she truly gave me new lease of life.!”

'Best Psychotherapy Services in Dublin 2024' #6, HeyDublin Go-to-Guide

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