What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

Change your mind, change your mood, with cognitive behavioural therapy – the word’s first choice evidence based psychotherapy for life changing skills that stay with you forever …

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  • At CBT sessions, you work with a therapist / trainer to learn and apply great coping skills through awareness and self-regulation of your thoughts and feelings and behaviours.

  • We learn to identify our automatic ‘bad thinking habits’, and to develop more rational and appropriate interpretations and responses to events and situations, issue by issue, step by step.

  • We learn to develop better coping skills for stressors and challenging events and situations – consciously and deliberately, over time. “What would an emotionally intelligent approach to this issue look like? What outcome does my current approach give me?”

  • Modern CBT is not just about thoughts and emotions – it also includes neurobiology and understanding anxiety as a physical reaction.

  • It’s a very practical measured and proven ‘evidence based’ psychotherapy, and is the worlds fastest growing ‘first choice’ therapy – to develop new habits that stick and give new better outcomes.

  • Low Intensity style CBT is a fast intervention therapy – improvements often show within just a few sessions, which means it’s a lower cost to access for those who don’t have the inclination or time or money for long term deep counselling. It is also an alternative if you have already been in more traditional talking therapy but haven’t had a great outcome.

  • It’s a ‘psycho-educational’ model in which the client effectively ‘becomes their own therapist’, building new habits that stick.

  • Studies show that engaged learners can develop life changing skills that stay with them forever (your ‘toolbox).

  • CBT handouts and worksheet resources can be used in your own time and at your own pace, building a toolbox that works for you.

  • My original CBT downloadable resources site is regularly ranked on Top 10 CBT Blogs in the World listings, and has over 1.3 million views and hundreds of thousands of downloads by mental health professionals all over the world.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

With its emphasis on collaboration, practical tools, and evidence-based techniques, CBT is proven to empower individuals in awareness and self-regulation for emotional well-being and personal growth.

CBT helps us with understanding how we judge and interpret the things that happen to us, what significance or meaning we give to them, and how that style of thinking influences our feelings and behaviours. Modern CBT also helps you to understand the role your body and nervous system plays in stress hormone surges, and to identify how dysregulation / anxiety interferes with our response to the world.

Classic CBT has been around since the 60’s in various forms. Many agree it has two main ‘founding fathers’: Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck. Both had trained as psychoanalysts in the 1950s, and both were essentially research scientists as well as practitioners, meaning they measured data and outcomes – and both were ultimately unhappy with delving into the deep subconscious mind as a treatment, because it didn’t give good outcomes, (meaning the clients ‘didn’t get better’) – and both focussed on the same findings, that how the person explains the world to themselves largely causes how they feel and behave – and that stress distorts thinking, which can cause overly negative feelings and self sabotaging behaviours – but we can literally learn to un-distort our thinking, consciously and deliberately, which will help to regulate how we feel and behave in productive healthy ways. Think different, feel different, behave different, with CBT.

Check out my regularly ranked ‘Top 10 CBT Blog in the World‘ resources site for more extensive information and CBT handouts and worksheets. (My work is used by mental health professionals all over the world.)

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