Book an employee training workshop: Creating Content through Mind Maps

Mind Mapping and Visual Notes are the ultimate brain tools for any task that requires you to identify key ideas and content – and/or to gather, learn, organise, store and recall information.

Use the new skill to create great content, to take brilliant notes, to prepare for business meetings, pitches, interviews, public speaking/presentations, seminars, training documentation, or exam prep… ANYTHING that requires identifying and gathering and processing and association and recall of information. (Plus the skills can be adapted to efficiently chunk down information into key ideas in text notes as well as imagery).

What is Mind Mapping?

It is a whole-brain tool of literally mapping information visually onto one page, using keywords and associations and images and colour. My training will give you the theory and application skills to mind map ‘oldschool’ with coloured markers and paper, or to apply the learning effectively and optimally to mind map software on a desktop or laptop or mobile device app… BENEFITS:

  • easier recall and retrieval of information from your brain
  • an efficient way to map and gather business or study data, rather than the old way of reams of linear notes and bullet points.
  • a deeper discovery and understanding of the subject information

  • a more natural and efficient way of organising and storing the information in your brain

How People Learn:

” If you want people to be able to pay attention, don’t start with details. Start with the key ideas and, in a hierarchical fashion, form the details around these larger notions. Meaning before details.”
~ John Medina, Molecular Biologist and best selling author of ‘Brain Rules’

Most popular: Creating Content through Mind Maps – a facilitated brain-storming half day group session.

Book an in-house group workshop for mind map content skills and team-building.

Book a half day Mind Map workshop

Pricing from…

Up to 30 employees.

📅 Date: Summer/Autumn/Winter ‘24
Fee: €695 base rate
🕒 Time: 3 Hours (flexible modules)
📍 Location: pricing assumes Dublin city

Agenda highlights – what you’ll get…
  • Introduction: discover the art of mind mapping and key idea visual notes – and how they serve as a versatile tool (skill!) to visually organize thoughts, ideas, and connections. Learn the fundamentals and benefits of mind mapping, setting the stage for a day of creativity

  • Hands on: put the new knowledge into practice with a facilitated collaboration with your fellow participants to create mind maps for real-world relevant areas. Engage with a structured plan that allows ideas to flow more freely and organically and efficiently.

  • Exploring creative thinking: engage in interactive exercises and discussions that will challenge conventional thinking and bad habits. Explore techniques to overcome creative blocks and open your mind to new approaches.

  • Idea prioritisation and refining: learn how to sift through the overwhelming weeds of ideas to identify the ones that are most relevant – ‘key ideas’, then decide hierarchy key-key-ideas… Discovering strategies to refine and develop the ideas into useable content planning.

  • Affective collaboration through mind-mapping: explore how mind maps can enhance teamwork and communication. Discover ways to use mind maps as a collaborative tool to foster efficient idea sharing and project planning.

  • Showcasing and celebrating the work: wrap up the day by sharing and explaining the mind maps of content created during the workshop. Assess the creativity and innovation that emerged, and leave persuaded to apply these newfound skills into your everyday work.

  • Pricing assumes my general model – or Flexible Bespoke Modules are available – call for a free training needs assessment.

What is needed:

  • Your in-house training room
  • Screen/Projector and Audio to connect to
  • Break out areas with tables
  • I provide all materials for mapping.
  • * Modules are flexible – call to discuss
  • * Pricing assumes Dublin city, call for a quotation if outside that area

Summary: an experiential workshop to unleash creativity and dive into the world of innovative thinking at the Mind Maps Employee Workshop Day.  Whether seasoned brainstormers or novices, this workshop is designed to help teams to harness the power of mind maps to generate fresh ideas and content, to explore new perspectives, and to collaborate effectively.

Contact me at or 0868113031 or through my Contact Page to book a session and try it out.

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