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I am a specialist Cognitive Science & Behavioural Trainer – I create and deliver best practice experiential models of mindset training – adapting evidence based psycho-educational therapy models (with liberal dashings of neuroscience and neurobiology) into fast fun and effective seminars and workshops.

I turn theory into application, teaching engaged learners practical well being skills  through deliberate self awareness and management. We can go from fixed inflexible mindsets (and causing ourselves and others unnecessary upset) to rational cool growth mindsets with the right training…

“Turning evidence based psychotherapy and neuroscience into training for the workplace

My Growth Mindset Cognitive Science workshops are best practice effective training for the workplace: NEWSLETTER LINK

My experiential Well Being Workshops (half day or full day) are flexible module session plans, and embed very real skills for immediate use, and immediate return. They also have a great team building effect. NEWSLETTER LINK

Note: this is TRAINING, it is NOT group therapy, it is NOT ‘sickness’ training, and it is NOT depression training: it is rational thinking skills training, it is happiness training, it is well being  training – it’s a life changing science, believe it.  (Scroll down for hi res zoomable newsletters – and/or click HERE to open a window to an archive newsletters collection).

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CBT Workshop AIM: – To give learners an engaging non-therapy introduction to evidence based psychotherapy theory and application – for new skills in self management of how we think and feel and behave – and tools to improve well being in all measures.

OBJECTIVES By the end of the 'learning by discovery' workshop engaged learners will:

1. Understand the core theory of CBT/ psycho-educational models, and neuro circuitry. 2. Understand the origins and physiology of 'Fight or Flight', the brain's stress/threat response. 3. Be able to apply practical CBT starter strategy and technique skills using worksheets and guided self-help tasks and exercises.

Cognitive Behavioural Training (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Training improves employee well being in all measurements…click to open a new window to a downloadable study

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“I thought this was one of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long time”
Ulster Bank
“Veronica is a gifted trainer whose down-to-earth approach is tailored for every client.”
University of Limerick
“The insights into their self sabotaging thinking has empowered these clients beyond recognition.”
LIP Northside Partnership
“Professional, informative and engaging with superb presentation.”
Calasanctius College

A new foundation for management skills

Most of the top executive ‘how-to’ management books and training assume that the executive is starting from a position of rationality and good psychological health, and indeed that the staff they manage are emotionally healthy too – this is an ERROR.

Those books and training can have high value, but the value can only be accessed when there is a base of good psychological health and well being in the first place, and when rational thinking skills are being applied to general thinking and communications and behaviours to enable a positive and optimistic state of mind. Cognitive Behavioural training gives a great foundation to make the most out of other professional training.

Why would you book Cognitive Behavioural Training?

Why does happiness matter in the workplace?

Measured studies show that Cognitive Behavioural training based on best practice workshop models improve employee attributional style – which leads to improvements in individual:

  • job satisfaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Psychological well-being
  • General Productivity

A significant reduction in employee turnover was also observed. And the waiting list subjects, when moved to the same training after the first sample, replicated the results. Furthermore, benefits were shown to have stayed with the learners on follow ups.

The UN compose and issue a ‘world happiness index’ every year, and the UK measure ‘national happiness’ for economic indicators and strategies, while other countries and international organisations, from China to the OECD, are piloting their own well being measurement systems. Why? The old ways of measuring a country’s ‘health’ by GDP are outdated. It is now an accepted science that economic outcomes are inextricably linked to the well being of citizens. And the same model follows in the workplace –psychological health & well being is no longer an occasional HR issue.

Your organisational well being is inextricably linked with with the psychological well being of your employees, and the culture and behaviours that their well being engender. The new science of positive psychology says that your mindset decides your view of the world, and that it can be strengthened to a positive rational framework through training. Your mindset is your ‘attributional style’, your self talk, how you explain the world to yourself, either positive or negative. Human beings largely create our own upsettness with our bad thinking habits, and we can uncreate it –  literally learning new thinking and self management skills.

Shawn Achor, psychology rock star from Harvard, and founder of The Institute for Applied Positive Research – says “science proves our brains perform better when in positive mode. The science proves that every business outcome improves – we have higher intelligence, creativity, and energy… Job success is 25% IQ, and 75% attitude, successful people have optimism and good social support, and understand and view stress as a challenge and not a threat.” Emotional resilience and self management skills can be learned, and bad thinking habits and self limiting behaviours can be dismantled with the understanding and application of proven methods and strategies – and new neuroscience tells us the brain is more malleable than we ever knew, and can literally be rewired through ‘learning and doing’.

> I teach best practice proven theory and application as used in the study.

> My free CBT as self help resource blog has had over half a million views, and the downloadable CBT worksheets and handouts are used by therapists worldwide.

> The workshop is multi-media and includes an original workbook for attendees to further the learning themselves, and includes after-access to the online resource site.

> Benefits are reported to be immediate and ongoing.

> The training is fast, fun, and fascinating, and follows the ‘Positive Psychology’ holistic integrated model.

> The training also serves as a great team building and bonding exercise as it uses an experiential learning by discovery group discussion model.

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