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“We engaged Veronica to present and deliver a workshop at the 2016 Executive PA Forum, and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that we had to have her back at the 2017 Forum. Veronica’s unique presentation style is extremely engaging – she breaks down the subject matter in a way that anybody can understand, and she peppers it with humour which makes learning fun and effective. She always leaves our attendees motivated and begging for more – we would highly recommend her services. ”
Fiona Kelly – Zoom In Events & The Executive PA Forum

[adapted from email – comments about the Cognitive Science in the Workplace half day workshop]:

You got Excellent across the board on the forms…one lady ticked all Very Good…and some of the comments:

Really enjoyed Veronica’s workshop – would love to see more. Excellent presenter & subject, will remember this! Thanks
Engaging presenter, great pitch, informative; got take away and learnings to apply at home and work.
This was a super workshop delivered with a very relaxed, effective style. Veronica used examples of situations everyone in the room could relate to. Excellent.
Very interactive and interesting presentation and workshop. Veronica is a great facilitator.
Fabulous speaker, very engaging. Loved it!
Enjoyed this workshop. Very interesting + lots to takeaway from the session.
I enjoyed the workshop and would recommend it. Great job and so many useful tips and tricks. Feel empowered! Thank you very much!
Veronica was excellent, engaged, superb presenter! Found the theory, skills and application very useful and I know I will use it in work and personal situations.
Brilliant – throughly enjoyed this session. Will definitely bring the learning with me. Love the presenters ‘style + poise’. Thanks Veronica!

Latest testimonial - May 2017 from Fiona Kelly, Zoomin Events Management
Veronica Walsh recently completed one to one CBT sessions with a number of our clients. These clients had reached a certain point in their lives and their recovery from addiction and were unable to move forward. This left them struggling to commit to attending anything that might help. Veronica worked with these clients where they were at and tackled their individual blockages with them. She taught them strategies to recognise and overcome similar situations if and when they should arise again. Client attendance for the 5 week Programme was 100% and all clients have since expressed an interest in continuing this work. The insight into their self-sabotaging thinking has empowered these clients beyond recognition. I think that these results speaks volumes for her work, her understanding of people and her empathy for them and her commitment to facilitate change in their lives.
Sarah Farrelly, Labour-market Inclusion Programme (LIP), Northside Partnership
“I thought this was one of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long time, Veronica was so engaging and managed a difficult subject with humour.. I’d very much recommend Veronica’s talk to everyone”

“She was brill, really engaging and made the topic memorable and entertaining”

“Veronica was inspiring and reassuring, and I would recommend her both to individuals and companies”

“A very inspiring hour which flew in, great insight to how things have changed over the years and food for thought to use on a daily basis – thank you!”

“Veronica was like a breath of fresh air, informative, engaging, funny, reassuring!! I know that I left the room feeling happier”

Ulster Bank, Cognitive Science of Happiness seminar for staff development
“Veronica!! I just wanted to update you on my progress since our session in Camden street almost 2 weeks ago. I cannot believe the change in my thinking around public speaking. A few days after our session I delivered the calmest presentation of my life to a major client and actually enjoyed it. This from a person with a full on phobia. As it turned out, I had to give another 2 presentations this week to the business and while I did have to consciously manage myself, I did just fine. I’m loving The Chimp Paradox – my only concern is that I’m nearly finished reading it. Please send me more suggestions. I am utterly converted for life to CBT! I’d have spent the rest of my life in a tiny box, afraid to play big and fulfill my potential if I hadn’t been introduced to CBT. I cannot thank you enough or overstate how important the work you do is. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again for top ups in other areas of my life. Thank you!!!”
Private session client, four hour intensive session for public speaking anxiety
Hi Veronica

Hope life is peachy for you.

Since you’re so wonderful at what you do, I wanted to send you a testimonial to use on your site if you like. And it only took me three months to sit down and do it, fair play to me.

“Veronica is wonderful at what she does – I still can’t believe that in three short hours, the techniques she showed me changed my life completely. I went to Veronica suffering from crippling anxiety which had basically taken over my life and prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do. She was easy to talk to and made me feel understood. She gave me some coping techniques and challenged me to question my way of thinking. The results were instant. Before CBT, I really thought I was beyond help, and that life would be terrible forever. Now I feel like I can deal with anything. If you’re anything like I was, I would strongly recommend going to Veronica and seeing for yourself the profound changes CBT can make to your head and your life.”

That’s it! Thanks again Veronica, I’m a new woman – but still entirely mad, of course.
Live long and prosper.

Private session client, 3 x one hour sessions for anxiety
Calasanctius Collge, Galway, highly recommend Veronica Walsh’s ‘Student Smart Skills Workshop’. This is a professional, informative and engaging workshop teaching students practical coping skills for everyday life. Superb presentation and group work delivering worthwhile coping skills, particularly in ‘Fight or Flight’ situations. Our TY students thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the work shop.”
Maura Donohoe Calasanctius College Galway, Well Being for Students Workshop Day
The Northside Partnership has used Veronica Walsh to deliver her Coping Skills and Feeling Good programme to our unemployed clients. The programme has been extremely well received both by the Northside Partnership and the participants. Veronica is professional in her approach and has great empathy with our clients. We definitely intend using her again to deliver this programme.”
Cepta Dowling, Enterprise, LES, Northside Partnership
“Veronica Walsh presented Mind Mapping to a staff group from three organisations and delivered an interesting and stimulating session which captured the basics of visual note taking and presentation in a half day event.

Participants were engaged throughout and found the creation of relevant mind maps in a group setting a valuable way to embed the learning.”

Anne Biddulph, South Dublin County Partnership
“Dear Veronica,

I’m a psychologist in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

I’ve been in practice for many years and have had the privilege to attend workshops with Tim and Judy Beck at the U. of P..

I’ve created and used many CBT and RET oriented handouts with clients. I must say that I find your handouts to be among the best I’ve seen.

Per your request, I would very much appreciate your permission to duplicate and utilize some of them with my clients. I assure you that they will be used appropriately and with acknowledgement of their source.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

Alan Goldberg, Ph.D.
Our staff thoroughly enjoyed Veronica Walsh’s recent CBT presentation, ‘Happiness In The Workplace.’

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Veronica is engaging, inspiring and compelling. A breath of fresh air, we highly recommend her for staff development.

Sylvia Rattigan, DP Calasanctius College Galway, Re the Cognitive Science of Happiness seminar for staff development
“Veronica is a gifted trainer whose down-to-earth approach is tailored for every client. Brilliantly perceptive and generous with her time and talent, she makes a real difference to those with whom she works.”
Dr Sheila Killian, University of Limerick (re mind mapping brainskills session)
“Veronica is an excellent and compelling advocate for CBT: her presentation content, coupled with her engaging speaking style, greatly added to the experience of our event for attendees.”
Emma Henderson (re. The 7 Deadly Sins Seminars for Young Leaders), National College of Ireland
Thanks for a clear intelligent blog.

I particularly enjoyed the references to Epictetus and Shakespeare.

I’m looking for good CBT blogs to follow in conjunction with our new web-based therapy site, and yours is the best I’ve seen so far.

Patrick Fanning, (World reknowned mental health expert and best selling author)
A huge thank you to Veronica Walsh who recently spoke at our Executive PA Forum on Visual Note-taking and Mind Mapping Technique, which went down extremely well at the event.

She also delivered a workshop on the Cognitive Science of Public Speaking – her presentation style is highly engaging, she is enthusiastic about her subject matter, and held everybody’s attention for 3 hours.

We had hugely positive feedback on both of Veronica’s presentations and I would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement or training

Fiona Kelly (re. Croke Park Conference Centre EPA day), Zoom In Conferencing & Corporate Events
“I can highly recommend Veronica Walsh who was a guest speaker at my first year Critical Thinking and Independent Learning Skills Module at Dublin City University (DCU). Veronica took the class for a seminar on Mind Mapping and Visual Note Taking and her presentation was both stimulating and engaging.

The intention was for students to be persuaded of the benefits of visual note taking and to see how they could utilise the techniques for studying, writing essays and more. Due t the ever-present budget constraints Veronica only took one class, but the feedback was excellent and many of the students asked whether she could return.

Veronica’s delivery is accessible and the vast majority of students, whether or not they had engaged with the topic beforehand, found her engaging and effective.

I would highly recommend this hour, or preferably more, to other institutions interested in enhancing the student learning experience and preparing students for studying and exam success.”

Dr Jane Suiter, Dublin City University
“Since the economic downturn, the County Library Tallaght has responded to the particular needs of customers who find themselves at a pivotal point in their lives. They may be facing into long-term unemployment or battling for attention in a highly competitive job market. Either way, people have found that they now need a different set of skills to help them manage in this uncertain environment – one which may be troubled by feelings of stress and anxiety.

In order to address some of these problems and concerns, we asked Veronica Walsh to run her very popular Coping Skills for Jobseekers course at the County Library in September. Participants were introduced to CBT techniques which empowered them to think about their situation in a different way and face the future with a more optimistic frame of mind.

Feedback from the course was unanimously positive. People praised the friendly atmosphere of the group which encouraged the participation of all involved. They learned how irrational thoughts can effect how you behave and what to do about them. Participants were taught different techniques of effecting attitude changes and how to apply them to their own life in a practical way. The day was fun and lively with plenty of discussion and participants left armed with their new knowledge.”

Caroline Higgins, South Dublin County Libraries

Samples of quotes from private clients and workshop participants

“I highly recommend Veronica’s CBT program. I initially went as I was finding it difficult to deal with the pressures and worries caused by infertility and IVF. I discovered a philosophy and techniques that I can use in every aspect of my life and work. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and no matter what life throws at me, I have the tools to deal with it!”

“I actually still can’t believe that after only one afternoon I can now give presentations in work without falling apart. I still don’t like it, but I can do it and I can do it well – Veronica is a legend!”

“I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch in a while.  I just wanted to let you know that your sessions with me made a really big difference to my particular issue!  I’m almost completely free of the dread of flying – the anticipatory element in the lead up to flying – and the flight itself was fine.

I’m flying next week and I’m not at all worried about it and in fact even looking forward to the destination. I’ve more flights then to [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] in May and June.

I’d have been dreading that and seeing mid June as the ‘watershed’ when I’d my flying ‘done’ and I could get back to ‘life’!  Now I’m actually looking forward to the destinations and am even able to google about them – I couldn’t even bring myself to do this before because of the dread.

I’m doing the exercises that you gave me and I’ve taken to visualising my Amygdyla (if that’s how it is spelled!)

Anyhow – I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you and to say how skillful you are at communicating all that you do and in putting me in a space where I could listen and also be heard by you.  I’m really indebted to you.

So – anyhow – I’m going to keep working on it and hope that I keep improving.”


“Dear Veronica – I went to see you in December and have been meaning to get back to you to say thank you. I really got so much out of the afternoon and my back pain is dramatically less as a result of the session. I just ‘dial it down’ now instead of up and it’s just amazing what one line can do. So thank you – it was just what I needed. Kind regards [private client].”

“I attended sessions with Veronica Walsh of CBT and Feeling Good for my social anxiety. I now feel hopeful about my future. Everything is brighter and I’m getting to where I want bit by bit every day. I know that it’s going to be okay. Thanks a million.”


Sample workshop attendees:

“… I can’t tell you how much difference it’s made. It’s like a lightbulb has gone off in my head. Thank you.”

“… I’ve learned that I can change my world by changing how I think. I now have an alernative way of looking at things…”

“… it makes me think that I’m valuable… I’ve learned to rationalise irrational thoughts and be productive…”

“… very helpful and thought provoking.. concise and helpful insights with practical applications and the chance to apply personal issues to the information…”

” I really enjoyed it… I have learned to change my attitude and approach to different things I don’t like, like interviews and public speaking…”


See below some samples of comments left on my free self help resource website, (over half a million views to date and climbing), with free downloadable best practice CBT homework materials used by individuals and mental health experts throughout the world…

Extra testimonial: Even a simple 30 minute fast and fun presentation on Mind Mapping can give a great return on investment. See below the unedited and full feedback from a recent guest speaking event I did:

Zoom In Events: The Annual Executive PA Forum in Croke Park

Speaker Name: Veronica Walsh

Session Title: Intro to Mind Maps & Visual Note Taking – 30 minute AV PPT
Attendee evaluation/rating table:
Not good Indifferent Good Very good Excellent
Content 2 11 24 17
Relevance  2 13 21 17
Usefulness 3 11 22 17
Overall 2 10 22 18
UNEDITED comments by attendees as provided by the conference organisers:
·      A great presentation – I will certanily be using mind maps

·      Good ideas.

·      Clear + concise approach. Mind mapping is the way forward!

·      Very interesting.

·      Bright lovely interactive presentation.

·      Not really something I am interested in but very good + interesting all the same.

·      Interesting – very practical tips.

·      Didn’t really interest me.

·      Well presented. Not convinced can be applied in an EA role.

·      Veronica gave me food for thought on how to implement mind mapping in the work place.

·      Found Veronica very engaging and easy to listen to.

·      Interesting presentation + useful hints.

·      Great

·      I’ll youtube Mind mapping.

·      Excellent tool that I will definitely be using.

·      Will try but not sure I will understand the practice. Could also be great as a tool activitry.

·      I found the mind mapping very useful.

·      Really relevant and helpful for future meetings.

·      Spot on. I will be using this technique going forward.

·      Love this section – would have liked her to speak for longer.

·      Very useful.

·      Made me aware of mind mapping – must try it.

·      Excellent + would have liked more time listening to her.

·      Excellent – loved this session.

·      Interesting + useful.

·      Well presented + interesting topic.

·      Very engaging, funny and found the talk very useful and something I will certainly put the mind mapping to use!