One to One Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Has your stress become a disorder?

Are you unhappy with the way you think and feel and behave sometimes?

But you don’t have the inclination or time or money to book months of weekly traditional talk therapy or counseling?

Low Intensity cognitive behavioural therapy sessions may be the solution for you. Learn the science of how and why you think and feel and behave as you do, and how to manage and change it when you over react emotionally to things, and have self sabotaging behaviours.

This is also known as ‘cognitive behavioural training’ – using best practice CBT, but in a fast ‘skills’ model of discussion and homework. I also include other essential cognitive science information (from neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, through to basic biology and the central nervous system) – giving you great new skills in awareness and self management. Evidence based science is magic that works, literally rewire your brain through ‘learning and doing’…

Sessions take place in 30 Wicklow Street D2, (just off Grafton Street) – through confidential one-to-one practical and fun guided self help discussions and homework. Try it out and see if it fits you – click HERE to download a Special Offer €50 Intro Session flyer (PDF).  You can choose to take the session online via Zoom or WhatsApp or Skype if you prefer. Use the contact us page to make a query or booking, letting me know the kind of days and times that suit you, and I’ll reply with upcoming slots that fit… 

One to one CBT sessions + Seminars & Workshops + Free Resource -

  • Book a no-strings introductory session for only €50 – see if it fits you… click HERE to download a voucher – or simply call, email, or contact me through my Contact Us page query form, to make a booking for a session in the 30 Wicklow Street Dublin city centre office. (Informal discussion based, with take-away homework and access to a free self help resource blog).

  • Thereafter the one hour one-to-one sessions are – €70

  • The intensive two hour one-to-one session – €125 – Mon to Fri – hours 11am to 7:30pm

  • The intensive four hour one-to-one session – €240 -Mon to Fri – hours 11am to 7:30pm

  • SATURDAY RATES: 1 x hour €85 – 2 x hour €160 – 1/2 Day €320 – AFTERNOONS

  • Bespoke sessions are available tailored exactly to suit you – just email your request…

  • Online sessions are €40 for 40 minutes, to include emailed homework – use the Contact Us page to book

CBT and Feeling Good
takes therapy out of the traditional counselling rooms and ‘train’ you in CBT theory and the practical methods and techniques that will fit right into your busy life. These are fun and practical ‘learning by discovery’ sessions that anybody can do. It is a mixture of discussion and homework. You just bring yourself and I’ll take care of everything else. You won’t have to wait months to comprehend and practice to start getting obvious results; it can be immediate and lifechanging – just as long as you’re willing to self-critique and put in the work.

CBT can be used successfully by everybody to cope with life and the changes and stresses it throws at us, increasing well-being and emotional health, while improving knowledge and skills in self management. It is a philosophy for living – every bit as important as exercise and nutrition! The general number of sessions attended are 4 to 8 – this is an organic process, and will depend on you and your individual needs.

Sessions are in my attic practice at 30 Wicklow Street D2, just off Grafton Street, comfy and informal, I’ll take care of everything, just bring yourself:

Summary by Veronica Walsh (MD of CBT & Feeling Good):

” I do things a little differently to traditional therapy – I take therapy out of the counseling rooms and blend it into education (personal development)… instead of doing deep one to one counseling over many months, I work with you on how to use CBT during a short number of sessions (or even an intense half day session if preferred). You will learn how to apply it’s remarkable methods and techniques to yourself, so that you will effectively become your own therapist.”

CBT has proven effective for:

Low self esteem, Social Anxiety, Excessive Worrying, General Anxiety, Anger Management, Stress Management, Panic Attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Eating Disorders, General Health Problems, Mood Swings, OCD, Phobias, PTSD,Sexual/Relationship Problems, Insomnia, Procrastination, Pessimism (and other associated disorders).

You might choose to use the sessions as an ‘introduction’ to therapy, where you will go on to attend a private practitioner for further development if you discover you need long slow ‘treatment’ – or if you have low to moderate anxiety or depression, or indeed a common or garden stress disorder, you might use it as a premium ‘self help’ product, working with me over a few sessions, building awareness and real skills that you can take away and APPLY as a new philosophy of living over time, literally changing how you think and feel and behave, improving your work and personal life yourself by ‘becoming your own therapist’ (without the extended time and expense of years of traditional therapy).