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Who Am I?

I am Veronica Walsh – a specialist cognitive science therapist and trainer – I started CBTandFeelingGood in 2009, offering cognitive behavioural training and other ‘brainskills’ training workshops to individuals and companies and organisations. My ‘CBT as self help‘ blog has over a million views and is used all over the world by mental health professionals.

I am an experienced corporate trainer with a varied business background, and have retrained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and upskilled in experiential training ~ combining the two skill-sets to turn evidence based therapy into fast fun and practical education – working with my clients on the new science of ‘thinking and feeling and behaving’, and how to understand and apply the self help components of the psycho-educational model of CBT to themselves, by themselves, to develop new coping skills and great psychological health.

It’s fascinating, done through a mixture of informal discussion in a therapy setting, and ‘learning by discovery’ homework  (for the one to one private sessions at 30 Wicklow Street Dublin 2) – and through seminars and experiential training models for company and organisational workshops. For many it is literally life changing – learning life changing skills that stay with you forever.

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Mini bio: I started out life as a corporate trainer, including creating original documentation for Microsoft, Adobe, and so on. I moved into management, then sales, management again, eventually ending up as managing partner at one of Ireland’s top Applecentres. I then left to lead a digital media startup through Enterprise Ireland (we moved through all levels and got all funding including seed capital taxback and a place on the mentors program). And after that moved on to Manhattan property sales and development (I know, random, it was the glamorous boom! Via consultancy I became a licensed realtor for high end New York investment property). Through the end of my Manhattan time, I re-trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and I upskilled in Experiential Training methods and techniques – and in 2009 I setup my company CBTandFeelingGood – moving back to my original core skill – and applying my full skill set to the psycho-educational model of CBT, and turning cognitive science (including neuroscience, neurobiology, and evolutionary psychology) into fast fun practical training – teaching new skills in self management to every client who attends private sessions or organisational workshops. My clientele service covers everything from general anxiety to public speaking anxiety to executive stress to covid stress- to all the stress disorders. We should all be taught this in school at the age of 13 – it would save many of us from emotional rollercoasters.  It is fast fun and efficient personal (and professional) development that gives a great return on investment. It’s a science. It works. Check out my testimonials.

Quick tour of work history: multi-industry sector businesses – including corporate staff training and creating original training documentation (late 80s Applecentre Harcourt and Horizon Open Systems), sales and marketing and management (90s Horizon, then MBO into Applecentre Enterprise), and private consultancy leading a digital media startup through Enterprise Ireland (00s iDV – downloadable stock video footage via partnerships with film production companies), and private consultancy with New York Residence International. And now CBT services and training through

My training programmes have been accepted and accredited by the National Register of Trainers in full compliance with the Qualifications Act ’99.  The company mission is to “turn therapy into practical science – teaching new skills in self management…”.

EXTRA note – I offer a free guided self help online site at, which has had over 1,000,000 views and climbing, and which has user friendly downloadable CBT homework materials that are used by mental health professionals all over the world.

PLUS note – I teach Mind Mapping and Visual Note Taking as part of my ‘change your brain and how you do things’ skills, which is a way to map and organise information visually onto a page for easy storing in, and recall from, your brain. 80% of us think visually – so your brain prefers to work this way rather than traditional linear transcribing and learning by rote – Mind mapping is fun and efficient and will make your life easier – to organise and plan what you want to say, and recall it easily and clearly. Click HERE to go to my mindmap web page.

I am also a print and broadcast media contributor and event speaker…

For more information, and/or to book a session email , or call 0868113031.

Ireland: CBT & Feeling Good Training Programmes and Trainers are approved for the National Register of Trainers. (Reg # 903680.) In full compliance with the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act Ireland 1999.. (UK NQFL6 CBT Dip)